Birthday Parties

Talk about taking things to the next level. The Street Maniax birthday parties are the best in the UAE! A private room, 2 hours if non-stop fun, amazing snacks and your own personal host.

Do birthday parties get better than this? We think not!

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The showdown party is where it is at! Here is where all the cool cats come out to play!

No Showdown party is the same, offering a unique experience and theme every time it is held. We have the best systems, the best emcees, the best lights and drumroll…..New to Dubai concepts like Hado and Quickflight! Still need a reason to come check us out? We think not. Grab your friends, and head to the hood! See you there amigos!

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Parkour Jam

Parkour Jam

Ay! Turn the base up on this one!

Word up! Bring the mojo back in to the hood with our parkour jam party! You bring in the poeple, we bring in the music. Lets tear this place down eh? What say you? Lets throw in some moves shall we?

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Venue Hire

Expecting a lot of people are ya? We eat crowds for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You want to turn our venue to your own personal training ground? Done! With the whole venue made available to your gang, you can all let loose and get your quick fix of fun an adrenalin, all combined into a seamless package. Our venue is ideal for internal events, hosting competitions, parties and celebrations. Bring the gang along! See you at the hood!

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