Trampolines make for a great workout! You come out feeling lighter, healthier and most importantly, happier.

Finally, an alternative to lifting weights and going to the gym. Lean is an alternative high intensity training and fitness program designed to cut through all those calories like a hot knife through butter, and in a manner that makes exercises fun and engaging!

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The CoolSchool

It’s Cool School Baby! Don’t you ever forget!

The Cool School is where you might want to bring your kids to develop their skills on the trampoline. Here is where they start building their street cred and develop a name for themselves. When you bounce better, it equals better skills which equal better street cred kapish? Here’s something else you might want to know. It is fun, it is a great skill development course for kids, and it is healthy. There are three levels to the Cool School program. You Can choose which category your kids fall in and enroll them in the most fun class they will ever have.

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BreakOut Holiday Camp

Let us lay down some math for ya alright? Long holidays equal a lot of boredom. Unless, you get your kids into the breakout camp ya feel?

BreakOut is exclusively designed for the kids to let loose and be wild, under friendly supervision of our Awesome Street Maniax gang obviously. Here, the kids can try out all our uber cool facilities and go wild while you can kick back and relax in our oh so sweet Street Café and have yourself a good time. Sounds good right? Well, what are you waiting for? Sign up my guy!

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